Hi, I'm Lauren

I'm a software engineer with 10+ years of product management and research experience at big tech cos and startups

About me

I have spent my career in Tech, starting in Research/ Analytics and moving to Product Management. I dug deeper into product development over my 8 year tenure at Twitter, and came to find the most joy working with engineers. I loved figuring out how to treat my product within the context of ranking algorithms, how to bucket users for experiments, and how to think through our data pipeline. Basically... the stuff my engineering team got to work on under the hood.

I left Twitter and followed the pull to become a software engineer, starting my journey learning computer science in C and Python, and continuing with classes in Web Development and AI/ Machine Learning, among others. Some of the technologies i'm currently using and/or learning include:

  • Languages: Python, C, SQL, SML/NJ, HTML/CSS, Javascript
  • Frameworks & libraries: Django, Flask, Pandas/Numpy, Beautiful Soup (Python Web Scraping Library), Bootstrap


lulu alerts

A full stack web application that helps lululemon shoppers score deals and hard-to-find items with product notifications sent to their inboxes.

Technologies: Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Javascript, HTML/ CSS, Bootstrap, Heroku, Beautiful Soup, Visily

Git repo

Twitter Chatbot @TakeADogBreak

Interactive Twitter bot that tweets followers their favorite dog breeds.

Technologies: Python, Twitter API, Tweepy (Twitter API Library), Flask, PostgreSQL, Dog API, Heroku

Git repo

Recent writing

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  • Creating Javascript scroll animations

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